Anthony + Kristina

It's been a while since our last blog post, we are catching up from a very busy wedding season. This was our first 2017 Wedding and we are excited to share it with you. 

Vision for the wedding:
Anthony and I wanted our wedding to be fun and laid-back. That inspired us to opt-out of a lot of traditional wedding expectations. For example, we did not have a wedding party and chose not do any of the wedding ceremony traditions like introducing the couple, first dance, cutting the cake, or throwing the bouquet. For us, we wanted people to eat, drink, dance, sing, and get to hang out, so this format worked. Our families and friends are also very important to us, so we also wanted to have as many people as possible, while also trying to keep the cost down. Finally, I really wanted to have the wedding on Johnson’s Pond where I grew up. The location was really important because that property has been in my family for generations.

The vibe:
Fun and relaxed! We wanted to throw a good party that people would remember and talk about for years to come! We also wanted to be able to enjoy ourselves, which for my mother, mother-in-love, and grandmother-in-love, and me meant getting our hair and make-up done by the fantastic Racquel Vople and Brittany Kosztala of Bridal Beauty by BKRV. My cousin, Michelle Lussier, also did all of our nails that day. This addition made our morning enjoyable and less stressful then needing to get ourselves ready for the big day. So many of our friends provided special touches, such as the Gravikord Trio, who played during our ceremony. We also wanted all those we loved around us, so the family dogs attended the wedding and our dog, Violet, made in impromptu trip down the aisle just ahead of my mother and me. Those special touches made our wedding so important and unique to us. We also truly wanted our guests to enjoy themselves. We served our favorite foods, brewed our own beer, picked out great wines, and coupled that with a super great cover band, Not For Nuthin’. It all came together for a great night of celebration!

The look:
We were so lucky to be able to have the wedding on the pond. Family friends let us use their beautiful home-made wood tables, chairs, runners, and centerpieces. Anthony’s grandmother is a florist, and she designed the centerpieces, which were planters with flowers, herbs, and veggies. We also borrowed tons of antique vases from my grandparents and filled them with tulips to place around the property. Another great addition was being able to borrow antique tables, table clothes, and chairs to use for decorations throughout. My brother made the arbor we were married under out of birch from out property and a close family friend made us the stained-glass window that hung in it for a wedding gift. It was a last-minute decision to place it in the arbor, but it was perfect there. It was wonderful to see objects from so many people we love surrounding us on our special day. Along those same lines, I wore my grandmother’s wedding dress, altered by the amazing seamstress, Linda Yeaw. My grandmother had saved her dress for me, but she passed away before I was married. The dress had been hand-made for her by a member of our church, over 60 years ago.

Who we are as people:
Anthony and I met through mutual rock climbing friends. We enjoy the camping, climbing, hiking, fishing, hunting, and all things outdoors. For example, we spent our two-month honeymoon road-tripping across the US and Canada visiting friends and destination climbing areas. We are both very family-oriented and having our family attend our wedding was really important. Not only are we so thankful that many of our family and friends were able to travel such long distances to attend our wedding, but also that many showed up in advance to help us get ready! We could not have done it without all your love and support and we thank you all so much!

Band Not for Nuthin'
Caterer Russel Morin Catering
Hair Stylist Bridal Beauty by BKRV

Fort Adam's and Her Siren

Inspiration and Initiative

This shoot was inspired by Ben Sasso's work! if you don't know who he is make sure you check out his stuff. I love his style, the type of models he chooses, his often odd prop choices, simple wardrobe choices, and his willingness to help other artists like myself, as I attribute 95% of my photography knowledge from pestering other photographers.

Fort Adam's and Her Siren

Fort Adam's was built in 1798 and named after President John Adam's and was active in five major wars. Today it's a State Park, has a great vibe and is a great place to shoot (no pun intended). The inner rooms are covered in old shiplap and there are antique couches floating around that are great for creative shoots, wedding shoots and engagement photos!

I'd been wanting to shoot at Fort Adam's ever since we helped load film for John Abbott as he photographed up and coming Jazz artist's at the Newport's Jazz Festival or maybe it's been since my best friend got married there back in 2015 (truly a unique wedding venue!)

Since we are mostly in the wedding photography game it's rare that we get a chance to get to work on purely creative projects but it's always a joy when we are able to. This was the first time I had shot Briana and I couldn't be more pleased with the results. She was perfect for the fort and brought the exact energy to the shoot that I hoped she would, although as hard as I persisted she would not play that trumpet (or bugle, not pictured).

Frequency Separation

For photographers...

For the editing I used Ben Sasso's Heck Yeah Presets (The Bright Pack) with Lightroom/Photoshop and a method of photo retouching called frequency separation. It was my second time working with this method. I originally went with using the first tutorial I found on Youtube here, but wasn't getting the results I wanted. I emailed Ben and he sent over the video that he learned from which seems like an even more time consuming method but I think the results are better (however, at that point I was about 75% through the photos and couldn't start over). That video can be found here

If you look at the results of the process, it is definitely worth the time invested.

Canon 5D Mark III / Canon 24-70 II / Heck Yeah Presets / Adobe Creative Suite



Evan + Daniela

Belle Mer

Newport, RI

Over looking the Newport bridge, Belle Mer a Longwoods Venue, is one of our favorite places to shoot. Perfect for brides looking for simplicity and elegance in their space.

Evan + Daniela have known each other for 17 years, growing up together. They are some of the kindest people we have ever met! It was such a joyous day and we are so happy to have been able to share it with them and capture it.

Doug + Brittany


Newport, RI


We were shooting video for this one but growing up I loved Mustangs so I had to snag some photos in-between shooting video. Castle Hill Inn, in Newport, RI is always a beautiful spot to have your wedding.

St. Joseph's Parish

Jeff + Sam




I had never been to Carl Schultz Park in NYC, but it's awesome. It was a perfect day for shooting and Jeff + Sam made it easy, what a fun couple! We can't wait to shoot their wedding next year at The Blithewold Mansion!

Usually the first thing that couples say to me at an engagement shoot (and it never fails) is, and I'm paraphrasing... "we are awkward!" followed by some nervous laughter -haha, but I always tell them the same thing, "thats fine." I can be quite awkward my self, we all can be, but an engagement session is all about being yourselves and having fun. I tell the couple to forget I'm there, and send out small directions like "just be together, talk to each other, make her laugh, ok now look here!" and it usually works. 

Hope you enjoy these photos as much as I do!

Canon 5D Mark III / 24-70II

Chuck + Lindsay

We had the whole team on for this one shooting photo and video. We started at The Hampton Inn in Providence,  RI, venturing over to Waterplace Park for the first look, formals at Rhode Island's State House and partying at The Dorrance in Downtown Providence. Here are some of our favorites along with a highlight video we shot.

Photos shot by Chris, Kearsten and Sean. Video shot by Sean and Shayna. Editing by Kearsten and Sean.

Kegan + Sade Engagement Session

These two are the most adorable couple I have ever met! I can't wait to shoot their wedding in September! Kegan owns and operates his own landscaping company and Sade does the books. Kegan used to work at this farm and so we used it to shoot their engagement photos.

Location: Cucumber Hill Farm, Foster, RI