Top 5 Engagement Shoot Locations in Rhode Island

Couples can sometimes get caught up on choosing a location for their engagement shoot (whether you should have an engagement shoot is another blog post for another time, the short answer is, yes.) This blog post compiles of some of our favorite places to date!

When choosing a spot, we like to first defer to the couple as to what they like: nature, the city, their home, etc. Personally, we love nature and we've found that Rhode Island has plenty of versatile spots from the cliffs of Jamestown to the trails of The Audubon Society.

Botanical Gardens

Providence, RI

You really can't beat the Botanical Gardens in Roger Williams Park. There's nowhere else like it, and can be shot in year round which helps for those wintery sessions, not to mention that the light is always great!

brett+bryce (13 of 173).jpg

Fort Wetherill

Jamestown, RI

We've been dying to check out Fort Wetherill and once we got to scope it out, we definitely were not disappointed! This intimate, beach scene is a great fit for those who aren't afraid of the water and love a little adventure!

fort wetheril

Fort Adams

Newport, RI

We love Fort Adams for its historic, rustic, and non-traditional feel! It has tons of halls, stairways, and greens to explore, making it the perfect place to get some of the best shots!

john and sarah engagement fort adams (65 of 79).jpg

Second Beach

Newport, RI

Who doesn't love the beach? Second Beach in Newport, RI is our favorite seaside spot to catch those classic, bold, and bright wedding engagement photos that everyone loves! You really can't go wrong with its minimalistic and airy look.

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Forty Steps

Newport, RI

And last but certainly not least, we couldn't talk about engagement sessions without mentioning Forty Steps in Newport! Navigating its rough terrain is always a blast, and makes for some dramatic and beautiful engagement photos!

40 steps newport ri

Sean Brown